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Internal Medicine Specialists Services in Las Vegas

Internal Medicine Specialists isn't just an ordinary medical practice because none of our patients are ordinary. It's not just that our physicians possess additional education that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases, it's the fact that we treat your body—as well as your mind and spirit. We see wellness and preventing disease as the cornerstone of optimal health. No two individuals are alike, nor are our approaches. IMS providers prioritize your needs using the latest diagnostic capabilities and treatment options appropriate for you. Our entire team knows that enjoying exceptional quality of life means serving as your partner through counsel, support, interventions, treatments and, most of all, a healthy dose of TLC. Our board certified† and experienced doctors can confidently treat even the most complex of cases. And, if you should be referred to a specialist or require hospitalization, we can ensure continuity of care. Give us a call and experience for yourself the reason why so many doctors seek the care of our doctors for internal medicine services. 

​Internal Medicine Specialists – Extraordinary Medicine. Extraordinary Health.™ 


Same Day Sick Care

No matter how hard we try, if we feel badly, we don't have the energy to fulfill our daily tasks. From the flu and seasonal allergies, to strains and sprains, no one plans on getting sick, but it's good to know there is a remedy with IMS.  We can often see established patients the same day! Our convenient appointments mean you'll see one of our skilled physicians who can diagnose and treat what ails you. Good medicine when it's good for you.


Internal Medicine

Internal medicine differs from family medicine in that we treat only adults. Many patients have more than one condition which makes managing their care more challenging. In our hands, however, we don't have to refer out to specialists often because we are able to manage chronic and acute conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. We're especially good at managing patients who have undifferentiated or multi-system conditions. 

Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Laser Services

Very often our external appearance doesn't align with how we feel. When that's the case, IMS offers a complement of anti-aging and cosmetic laser services. This includes everything from expertly placed injectables like Botox™ and Juvederm™ to improving the look of fine lines, irregular skin tone, sagging and even providing laser hair removal. In addition to Obagi skinare, you can bet you will feel as good as you look with IMS's anti-aging and cosmetic laser services. 



Endocrine issues relate to hormones. Many adults are affected by endocrine disorders including diabetes, hypo- and hyperthyroid, low testosterone and menopause. Sometimes symptoms are so minor that they have yet to be diagnosed. Fortunately, IMS specialists are adept at recognizing symptoms and ordering the appropriate diagnostic tests. If you have an endocrine issue, be assured our physicians will work with you in managing your condition so that you can live your best life.


Heart Care Services

Cardiovascular or heart disease is a broad term used to describe many conditions from heart attacks and stroke to rhythm disturbances and high blood pressure. Heart disease can often be avoided with lifestyle changes or managed with the diligence of IMS physicians. Our ability to diagnose on-site using treadmill testing, echocardiography and vascular ultrasound, not only provides you convenience, but continuity of care. Love your heart and it'll love you back!


Weight Control & Nutrition

The CDC reports that one in every three American adults is overweight. Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death and disproportionately affects minority communities. Maintaining a healthy weight using solid nutrition and regular activity is the foundation for good health.  If you need to lose or gain weight, want guidance on nutrition or fitness plans, we can help. We also provide medical weight loss programs. An apple a day may keep extra weight away. Find out about your options.


Sexual Health

Sexuality is a vital aspect of the human experience and has demonstrable health benefits. You might not think so if you're suffering from erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness or low libido. Maybe you're concerned about your fertility—attempting pregnancy or avoiding it—or think you may have been exposed to an STD? Our sexual health services provide you discreet treatment options so that this part of your life is integrated into overall wellness. Schedule today.


Onsite X-Ray & Labs

We all know what it means to be pressed for time and no one understands this better than us! When you need to see the doctor—whether for wellness or illness—it's not just a matter of adjusting your schedule to go, but having to make time for blood work or tests. That's the reason IMS provides unrivaled convenience to patients. From our dedicated x-ray/Dexascan departments to our blood draw lab, cardiac testing and ultrasound services, your time is well-spent. This means you spend less time scheduling and traveling and more time getting back to your busy life.  Ask us how you can take advantage of this valuable convenience

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