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First of all, I’m not the usual person for writing reviews. In this case, I could not let this go unnoticed. I was diagnosed with Covid-19 on January 13, 2022. After my hospital stay, I went to see a doctor at Internal Medicine Specialist. The doctor I originally had appointment with was not available. I ended up with seeing Jennifer Cribb.

I was suffering from Covid after affects. I had respiratory issues, Covid brain fog, fatigue, and several other issues. I felt like I had dementia. I could not remember simple words. I was not able to remember everyday things.

Jennifer was so kind. I liked that she did not rush me during my visits. She really LISTENED. She took her time to explain each and every step of my journey to recovery. She reassured me I was not going crazy or had dementia.

Long term Covid is not something that can be diagnosed through tests. I had several tests to make sure nothing was not missed. After a few months of brain exercises and medication for the brain fog, I am feeling better than ever. My brain is back to my pre-Covid condition.

I can’t thank Jennifer enough for seeing me through this difficult journey. She provides quality service and care for her patients. I’m so glad to have met her. She has me for life.