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I moved to Las Vegas two years ago and have been using my LA intern until I was referred to Dr. Rosenstein. Dr. Rosenstein spent as much time as I needed in the appointment, and was very thorough in his exam and the ordering of necessary tests. If I were to be critical of the office, it would be:

1. They do not give out extension numbers so that one can talk directly to the Doctor’s nurse or leave a message with the nurse.

2. I have left two messages on the answering service to get referrals to other doctors, and no one has returned my phone messages. I just left a third message today.

So, without placing blame on the doctor, who I really like, there is improvement needed in the responsiveness of the staff to patients inquiries. A general managers issue as the Doctors should be spending their time taking care of patients.

Next visit I will talk to Dr. Rosenstein about my experience and hopefully the communication issue can be resolved.