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I have been seeing Dr. Rosenstein for over a year after relocating to Las Vegas from the Pacific NW. I was fortunate to have received a referral from a close friend who is a RD in SoCal. I am grateful to have found a talented doctor so quickly.
I was able to discuss my history and concerns with Dr. Rosenstein and we began a treatment strategy to improve my health.

I am posting this because I have read some of the reviews and it’s disheartening to see that some people have posted derogatory reviews.

I believe that some people have the wrong idea about medical care in some of these posts. These people are medical professionals. They are not magicians or gods that can fix something on the spot. It’s unfair to assume that they can treat anything by just showing up. Also, this office is very busy. I know from prior care in the PNW and UCLA health, it’s in reasonable to expect any medical office to drop everything to take your call or call in prescription because you ran out the same day. After reading some reviews I believe some of the reviews are due to people not getting immediate satisfaction.

I highly recommend Dr. Rosenstein.

Male 40+, good health, active.