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How rare these days to come to a doctor’s office and be greeted with a smile and a welcoming tone of voice at the front desk. I cannot tell you what a difference that makes. And it goes further than that! Wait time is minimal, the nurses call you back in a timely manner and you have access to your doctor’s email to communicate with him directly. I feel like I just went though a time warp and I love it!
And…..I mustn’t forget Dr. David Rosenstein, my wonderful new doctor who takes the time to listen and explain things in layman’s terms as I am indeed a natural blonde! I’m so glad I found you guys! Thank you for keeping me healthy.

And, I must add that when they did my chest X-ray, they called me that afternoon to ask me to come in to discuss a mass they found. I hadn’t told them yet that the mass had been there for 3 years already and was not dangerous. The fact that they called me so quickly really warmed my heart!