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Dr. Rosenstein has been my primary care doctor for several years. I’m in my 60’s and in good health, but like most people my age I need maintenance like routine physicals and tests and some prescriptions. Dr. Rosenstein is understanding, matter-of-fact, and patient. He listens carefully and gives me straight answers and clear explanations. I’ve never felt rushed or not heard.

Many tests are done right there in the IMS building. Usually no need to go to another facility for routine blood tests, and procedures like an echo cardiogram. And the IMS patient portal enables you to see the results of your tests not long after you take them. Also, you can message the staff and your doctor 24/7 on the patient portal, and often get answers/solutions without having to call or go to the office.

I’ve referred several people to IMS and Dr. Rosenstein and everyone has been very happy. Great job!