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Onsite X-Rays & Labs in Las Vegas

At Internal Medicine Specialists, we believe that convenience and efficiency are vital to patient care. We understand how challenging it can be to adjust your schedule to visit the doctor, let alone make extra time for lab tests or x-rays. To reduce these hassles and provide seamless care, IMS offers comprehensive onsite x-rays and labs.

Blood Work and Tests That We Provide

Our in-house facilities eliminate the need for additional scheduling and commuting, saving you time and energy. Our onsite services include:

  • X-rays: We offer in-house x-ray services for faster diagnoses and treatment.

  • Dexascan: Measure your bone mineral density to assess if you're at risk of osteoporosis.

  • Blood Draw Lab: Get your blood tests done conveniently within the same premises.

  • Cardiac Testing: We provide comprehensive cardiac tests to evaluate your heart health.

  • Ultrasound Services: Our on-site ultrasound services help us diagnose and monitor various health conditions.

Why Choose Internal Medicine Specialists

Choosing IMS for your health care needs is choosing convenience, efficiency, and personalized care. We're not just a medical practice; we're your health partner. Our team of board-certified physicians are committed to providing you with exceptional healthcare services, focusing on your overall well-being.

We prioritize your convenience by offering a suite of onsite diagnostic services, thereby simplifying your healthcare experience. Our approach reduces your need to schedule multiple appointments at different locations, helping you get back to your routine faster. By providing these services onsite, we ensure continuity of care and expedite the diagnosis and treatment process.

Our philosophy—Extraordinary Medicine. Extraordinary Health.™—is reflected in every service we offer. With our unique patient-centric approach, we help you manage your health effectively and conveniently.

Contact Us

Whether you’re a new patient or existing patient, we’re here to help you. Contact us today at 702-242-2737 to schedule an appointment.

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